Monthly Bookeeping Packages


Transaction equivalent to 2 to 3 pages of monthly bank statement.


Transaction equivalent to 4 to 6 pages of monthly bank statement.


Transaction equivalent to 1/2 - 1 page of monthly bank statement.


Transaction equivalent to 1-2 page of monthly bank statement.

Yearly Bookeeping Packages


Transaction equivalent to 7 to 10 pages above of monthly bank statement.

Compliance Works

Unaudited Financial Statement & Tax Submission fr  $600

1. Logistics of Files collection

2. Accounting Filing Fit for Audit

3. Files and Dividers provided

4. Payment Vouchers Prepared (if required)

5. Scanning of Bills and Receipts into QBO

1. Transferring of Opening Balance

2. Setup of Chart of Accounts

3. All Sales Entries

4. All Expense Entries

5. All Director Expense Entries

6. All Journal Entries

7. Emailing of Customer Statements if required

8. Bank Reconciliation

9 . Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Customer Outstanding, Supplier Outstanding and Customised Reports if required.

10. Finance and Tax Advisory

1. Monthly Payrun

2. Emailing of Payslips

3. CPF upload

4. Payroll Bank Files for Client to upload

5. Year End IR8A Auto Inclusion Preparation

6. Monthly Payroll Report for Cash Flow

7. Yearly Payroll Schedules for Audit

8. Employees able to apply leave and approve leave

9. All kinds of leave tracking

10. Timesheet tracking if required.

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