According to the Singapore Companies Act,

all companies must specify the company secretary within 6 months of the establishment of the company


As a professional company secretarial consulting company, we provide a professional secretarial solution to make your business safe and comfortable


Company Registration

Prepare the items 1 to 6 for incorporation of a new company. Fill up Compliance Check Form.


Name of Company

what your intended company name is


Constitution of Company

You can either choose to adopt the standard Constitution or choose to have a more tailored constitution


Paid-up Capital

 how much you would like to put into the company


Members of Company

who the shareholders would be


Officers of Company

who the officers (directors etc.) of the company would be


Intended business activity

what you would like to register as a business activity

Company Registration

To start a new company can be thrilling and yet complex at the same time. Many find it a labyrinth to deal with all the authorities' requirement in the company registration Singapore.

Business Activity

In Singapore, Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) codes indicate what your company does and in what field. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) demands that businesses submit the SSIC code when incorporating.

Company Constitution

A company constitution is a document that generally specifies the rules governing the relationship between, and activities of, the company and its shareholders. It is important for startups to set the agreement right.

Foreign Shareholder

In Singapore, companies can be fully foreign-owned, which allows foreign companies to incorporate a subsidiary company and own 100% of its shares. 

Nomination Services

Roles of a secretary

​Our Company Secretarial Services are...


always approachable and available to provide the company with advice as to

what the proper procedures should be with regards to any agreements,

corporate guarantees, leases and investments, or any other issues that the

company may have whilst conducting its business in Singapore.

Company Registers

Maintain and update the company’s registers

Mintues of Board Meetings

Administer, attend and prepare minutes of meetings of directors and shareholder

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with statutory requirements under the Companies Act
Ensure compliance with the company’s constitution

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Keep  annual returns and any other returns that should be filed with ACRA

Compliance Reminders

Advise the company on, and attend to, the appropriate electronic filings with the ACRA

Compliance Advisory

Communicate to the company and its directors any relevant changes in statutory law on a timely basis

Function as an intermediary between the company and the relevant authority for specific needs of the company

Cloud Accountant

Our online accountancy team has worked with all types and sizes of businesses


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