Nomination Services

Do you know that you need a person who is based in Singapore

(Permanent Resident, Singaporean citizen

or in some cases an employment pass holder)

to be appointed as a director of your company?


Most owners would appoint themselves as a director

from the start or eventually


-  however some may be unable to appoint a director of their choice

as the director has not obtained the requisite employment pass yet


or they may simply prefer to have an additional director

in their company for checks and balances.

Responsibility of the Nominee

Document can only be signed by the nominee

with the express authorization

and instruction of the nominator

The nominee is not allowed to participate

or influence the decision

of the company's management

The nominee shall not be liable for

any business debts

and/or legal responsibilities of the company

Some examples of what

the nominee director

can sign on the instructions of the client

To sign the registration documents of the Company

To sign the bank account opening document of the Company

(not accepted for being the account operator)

To sign the audited financial statements of the Company

To sign the annual return document of the Company

To sign the additional document of the Company